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Your Role in Our Moving Symphony: Your Responsibility

As we gear up to ensure your move is as harmonious as possible, there’s a part for you to play in our orchestra. This section outlines how we can best perform together, ensuring every step from the overture to the final bow is in perfect sync. Your insights, preparations, and actions are crucial in setting the stage for a seamless move.

4.1 Your Part in the Ensemble:

4.1.1 Valuation Harmony: Let us know the value of your goods in writing. Should there be a disparity between your declaration and their actual value, understand that our liability, as outlined in clauses 8.1 & 8.2, will be adjusted accordingly.

4.1.2 Insurance Solo: Arrange appropriate insurance for your belongings. Our coverage has its boundaries, highlighted in clauses 8.1 & 8.2, ensuring you’re adequately protected.

4.1.3 Documentation and Permissions Overture: Collect all necessary documents and permissions to smooth the way for your move.

4.1.4 Presence in Key Movements: Be there or designate a trusted individual for the pivotal moments of collection and delivery.

4.1.5 Paperwork Crescendo: Ensure our documents are verified. In your absence, you authorize us to sign on your behalf, keeping the music flowing.

4.1.6 Final Checks Coda: Make sure no item is left behind or taken in error, ensuring a flawless finale.

4.1.7 Protection Interlude: Safeguard your items, especially in areas that might be unattended.

4.1.8 Appliance and Gadgets Prelude: Prepare and stabilize your appliances or gadgets before we make our entrance.

4.1.9 Fridge and Freezer Forte: Ensure these are emptied and cleaned. We take no responsibility for contents, allowing us to focus on the move.

4.1.10 Communication Bridge: Share your contact details with us for a continuous connection throughout the move.

4.1.11 Online Booking Ensemble: Accuracy on your online booking form is key to a harmonious move.

4.1.12 Parking Arrangement Intermezzo: A spot for our vans goes a long way in easing the performance.

4.1.13 Self-Packing Serenade: Follow our packing guide to sidestep any unforeseen extra costs.

4.1.14 Helping Hands Sonata: Your desire to help is appreciated, yet our team’s expertise ensures the smoothest performance. So yes, don’t. Any items you included damaged during the ‘helping’ process are not covered. 

4.1.15 A Firm Note on Gas Appliances: Let’s reiterate a crucial point: under no circumstances will we tamper with gas appliances. It’s a matter of safety, legal compliance, and ensuring the integrity of our services. Please arrange for a certified professional for these tasks, keeping everyone’s well-being in tune.

4.2 Guiding Through Potential Discord: If adherence to these guidelines falters without fault on our part, our ability to cover any missteps may be limited. In exceptional cases, a pause in our services might be necessary.

4.3 Delivery Confirmation Finale: Once everything’s safely delivered, we’ll hand you a delivery confirmation form. Think of it as a “proof of good service” document. Please take a moment to complete it and provide the team with the OTP confirmation before they head out. If, by chance, this step is missed, it might complicate things if there are any hiccups or concerns about the delivery later on.

4.4 The Precious Bits: We’re talking about jewellery, watches, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, bonds, tickets, stamps, coins, or any collections of a similar kind. What about them? We like to treat those items with extra special care by not moving them at all! And let’s not forget about those indispensable gadgets like tablets, laptops, or mobile phones and their electronic buddies. Yes, them too. For these treasures, we hand the packing and moving reins over to you. It’s your chance to give them the VIP treatment they deserve on moving day.


Conclusion: A Symphony of Collaboration: View this as a duet where both parties play their parts to perfection. Your proactive engagement and understanding harmonize with our expertise, leading to a moving experience that’s music to both our ears. Together, let’s orchestrate a move that hits every note just right. 🎼 🎤 🎼

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