What Does Your Quote Include?
  • Packing your home/office according to specification.
  • Wrapping all furniture with moving pads.
  • Shrink wrapping all upholstery items
  • Disassembly of items as required.

Things To Remember

By accepting this order for service you are accepting M25 Systems LTD terms and conditions as published on our website. For super enjoyable late night reading please go here.


If you changed your mind at the last minute or just need some items in storage instead of the landfield, we can provide storage. The price will generally be based on £25.00 per container or 2.80 per SqFt (although this may vary according to season).

Our storage handling fees will be charged at the same hourly rate as listed above.


We will require card details upon reservation. By providing us with your card details, you are authorising us to use that card, to charge you for any sums owed under this agreement Payment: (please refer to our terms and conditions for further details).

If any postponement or cancellation fees or any ancillary (to your move) fees become due, we will similarly charge your card for the full amount owed.

Cancellation and postponement

Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details of our payment, cancellation and postponement policy.

Waiting Time

Waiting time is not included in this total; we charge £1.00 per minute of waiting time at your address.


Parking our vehicles is your responsibility; please ensure that you arrange parking ahead of time. If we are given a parking ticket the charge will be added to your final bill. To reserve your parking please use this tool we developed especially for you.


4909-M25 G-What's your quote-V11Main Charges

Standard Hour: £120.00

Our standard hourly rate for every order Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Travel Time: £90.00 per 50 miles

For orders with delivery address outside the M25 belt, we will charge £90 per each 50 miles.

4909-M25 G-What's your quote-V11Optional and Upgrades

Packing service

Unless arranged in advance, we will charge £7 per crate packed

Unpacking service

Unless arranged in advance, we will charge £12 per crate unpacked

Parking reservation

For parking suspension please press the icon above. It will lead you to our amazing tool, 5 clicks and parking done

Decluttering service

Unless arranged in advance, we will charge £11 per crate packed with unwanted items


Our group charge £2.8 per cubic feet


For handyman work (which we love doing), we charge a rate of £45.00 per hour

4909-M25 G-What's your quote-V11Additional & unforeseen

24 hours prior

2 hours minimum charge

Within 7 days

No charge. Yes, we are good like that

7 days and above

Not even sure why its here. No charge 🙂

Additional Man

Need an extra pair of hands? We’ve got you covered at £18 per hour for any additional manpower needed to make your move as smooth as possible. They come with instructions.🕺

Additional van

If your move within the M25 belt calls for another van, we can arrange that for a straightforward £140 charge. It’s all about ensuring your move goes off without a hitch, no matter the load! It comes with a driver. 🚚

Waiting time

Running a bit late ? Need to drop the kids at your mom? No problem! The first 30 minutes are on us. After that, it’s just £1 per minute. We understand that sometimes, delays just happen. ⏳

Overnight storage

If unloading needs to wait until the next day, no worries. We offer overnight storage at £275 per van, keeping your goods safe and sound until sunrise. 😴

Long carry

Navigating London's tight parking? We've got the first 75 feet covered. Beyond that and all the way to 300ft, it's an extra .10 per cubic foot. So, a 1000 cubic foot move would add £100. Simple and straightforward. For anything over 300ft, our office will quote on a case-by-case basis.😇


Stairs? Elevator broke down? No problem. The first two floors are on us. After that, it’s just £75 for each additional flight. Easy peasy, keeping your move upbeat, even vertically! 😱

Extraordinary items

Got something extraordinary, like a baby grand piano or a 12 ft tall statue? Our team has a special knack for handling these unique treasures, with a tailored charge for anything that stands out from the crowd.🗿

Daily storage charge

Caught in a timing twist and need a storage solution for a day or so? No worries. We offer a daily storage rate of just .49p per cubic foot per day. It’s a simple, stress-free way to keep your belongings safe until you’re ready to move in.🛖

4909-M25 G-What's your quote-V113rd Party

Parking fine

If we received a fine on your order, we would only charge the total amount of the penalty. There is no administrative fee.


A hoist service costs 150 to 225 plus vat on average. However,, this service can cause delays in the overall moving process. Early reservation is recommended.


Nothing to worry about. M25 does not charge separately for this items. We good like that 🙂


Same in here, nothing to worry about. M25 does not charge separately for this items. We hate hidden charges

Please Note

Please note that regardless of how prepared we are, ultimately the success of this move will be determined by how ready you are.

Please also note that this service is meant for organized home/offices with a clear plan.

Any delays due to disorganization can affect the compilation of the move.

Please try to understand that due to the nature of our business, delays may occur.

Please allow us a 1 hour variation in the time of arrival to your property and remember that regardless of our arrival time, you will get the full 5/9 hours depending on which package you choose.

M25 Group uses signposts as a marketing tool and once you have booked a service, will erect one by your home in the appropriate location (next to the ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ signs if present).

We will collect it on moving day once we have completed loading. If you do not wish to have this sign, please notify our offices in advance.

Rent a Storage Unit

Sometimes moving from one home to another can’t be done in a day, and that’s why your belongings may need to be stored. We have storage units to rent for all sizes of homes and offices. If you want to put all your items, or just a few into storage, we have an affordable solution.

Customized & Reserve Storage Unit

Sometimes moving from one home to another can’t be done in a day, and that’s why your belongings may need to be stored. We have storage units to rent….

Customized & Reserve Parking

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Customized & Reserve your Decluttering

Moving home or office is the perfect time to declutter, and get rid of the things that have been clogging up your life. Our motto is that if you haven’t….

Customized & Reserve Your Unpacking

Even if you haven’t chosen our packing service, we can unpack your items at your new home or office. It’s a lot easier if we’ve done the original packing,….

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Customized & Reserve Your Packing

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Order details


Payment details

Disclaimer: Deposit is refundable in full in case of cancellation 7 days prior to requested service date.