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M25 Group started as a London removals and storage company established in 2008 during the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. The business was built during the challenging years that followed. Nevertheless, we managed to survive the constant flow of cheap labour into London, we overcame the Brexit saga and believed it or not, have managed to come out the other side of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 in one piece thanks to our ability to adapt our business and operate under the restrictions.

Over the years, we evolved to a group of services, sometimes due to our client’s needs like clearance and event management and sometimes just cause, well, why not? 

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we have come through every crisis, economic or other, stronger than before. Businesses have had it tough, and those that have made it through the last 18 months have achieved something great that can only come from a company built on solid foundations.

I guess we are trying to say that anyone who's been doing something for so long and has survived so many crises must first be passionate and love what they do and secondly be pretty good at it.

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our 12.4 years of experience

(and counting...)

Happy Days in Business

(Some were quite rainy)

Removals Completed

(that’s a lot)

Happy Clients

(Don’t ask but yes, can’t make
everyone happy all the time)

Kgs of Rubbish Picked

(Thats half of Eiffel Tower.
Give us another year or so…)

Kgs of Rubbish Recycled

(19 times the weight of The Statue of Liberty. Without the base 😉 )

Countries Delivered to


Miles Driven

(Thats 103 times around the world )

Parking Tickets Received 

(Down payment on my Aventador)

Offsprings & copycats

(…and counting)

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your Service

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