You, M25 and our Services

We put together this page to provide some essential information about M25 and everything we do and how we like to operate. Our boss, Gabriel, suggested just copying and pasting our service agreement here, but at 38 pages, we thought it’s better not to bore you to tears, so here’s an overview of M25, our people, the services we provide and how we like to operate.


M25 Group started as London’s removal and storage company, established in 2008 during the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. The business was built during the challenging years that followed. Nevertheless, we managed to survive the sub-prime crisis, overcame the Brexit saga and, believe it or not, have managed to come out the other side of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 in one piece thanks to our ability to adapt our business and operate under the restrictions.

Over the years, we evolved to a group of services, sometimes due to our client’s needs like clearance and event management and sometimes just cause, well, why not? 

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we have come through every economic or other crisis stronger than before. Businesses have had it tough, and those that have made it through the last 18 months have achieved something great that can only come from a company built on solid foundations.

I guess we are trying to say that anyone who's been doing something for so long and has survived so many crises must first be passionate and love what they do and secondly be pretty good at it.

How are we taking care of your goods?

Ok, if you are in the market for a London home & office service company, especially removal, you are likely to be bombarded with choices. I don’t want to hit you with a hard sales pitch so let’s take a look at what we do as a group that makes us who we are and we think sets us apart from the other service/removal companies you have considered:


  • Our team undergoes never-ending training.
  • We take pride in our work.
  • Our business is built on tradition.


Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Each employee at M25 is an essential member of our group. Without them, we wouldn’t be the successful, well-oiled machine that we are today! Every employee has received comprehensive training for their role, but it doesn’t stop there. We ask our employees to put themselves in other department’s shoes by periodically taking on a range of functions throughout their time with the M25 group.


For example, each salesperson is required to go on moves 2-3 times per quarter. In addition, each of our movers is required to spend some days in the office dealing with clients’ requests. Also, each management team member is involved in all aspects of the logistical nightmare that we affectionately call our group.


This way, we stay grounded and keep in good shape 🙂 but above all, it allows us to see the bigger picture, get to know the people behind the numbers and better understand the needs of different departments and how we are integrated. We do this so our employees really “get” why we need to support each other.

We take pride in our work

When companies get the chance to talk about what makes them oh so great, they usually include the usual suspects; MISSION. VISION. VALUES. We all know how we feel when these subjects come up either as a client or perhaps at your workplace? I bet you just skip past this information on their website or zone out, don’t you? For example, do you suffer any of the following when you hear these corporate statements of greatness:
  • Experience a twitching reaction on your left eye and maybe even palpitate a little
  • Losing an important memory
  • Start daydreaming
Am I right? I bet I am.

We like to keep things simple. We are a Moving & Storage company. Our people are what I very fondly call ‘roughnecks’, and let me tell you, these people are hard to deal with! But though they appear tough on the outside, they are very soft, delicate and sweet on the inside, and this right here is the key. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to be treated respectfully, be paid fairly for their work, and go home satisfied. Our team may not be perfectly polished, but we are good at what we do, and that is what counts in our business.

Tradition: Probably the most important of them all, a company like M25 that develops and later owns their ‘Tradition’ which for us means providing a good service and reasonable and fair price. We don’t believe in overcomplicating things. Because of this, our employees have an easier time integrating into our group without interruption to the level of service we can deliver.


The key to having a successful customer service program in our industry is acknowledging that we are dealing with clients at one of the most stressful times in their lives. In the run-up to moving day, emotions are running high, and a million things can go wrong in the customer’s mind. We respect that. From our side, we know that our clients want to get through the moving day with as few scratches as possible. Once we understood that, we sat down as a team (got out of our vans more like it) and designed a service level we call ‘8’.

Why ‘8’ and not 10, you ask?

When setting the service level that M25 Group provides to our clients, we want to offer a realistic service level that can be replicated endlessly.

We wanted to provide a service level that will not set impossible expectations with our customers and promise fireworks, good-looking movers and lifelong friendships. Instead, we want to leave our customers satisfied every time, regardless of the service they need. This, in our view, is an ‘8’, not a premium service with all the frills, bells and whistles. ‘8’ is designed to be a service that delivers satisfaction and honesty. This level of service is what most customers want, can afford and is not offered elsewhere in the market.

We know that finding a reliable service provider in London can be challenging. So when customers choose us, we don’t promise the world, but we promise to provide an honest service, a hard-working team and fair and transparent pricing.

So that concludes the reading about us and what we are all about; If you made it this far, thank you! I hope you enjoyed reading!

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