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a day in a life of our movers

Not that anyone cares, but what’s it like to work as a mover for M25? What does it mean to have a new challenge every day, meet new lovely people (some more than others) on each project? So we asked one of them and what do you know…the guy can write! Unfiltered and straight-talking mover.

A Day in My life

Here we go again

The alarm goes off at 5:35 so that I have exactly one hour before having to get out of the door and start another day at M25 Group. I hate Gabe.

After 5 to 10 minutes of lying in bed, I get up, go straight to the bathroom, and hope none of my flatmates is there. Or were there. That’s when I start my beauty routine…Shave so Sebastian will not give me a ticket, brush my teeth cause who knows and splash water on my face so everyone else will think that I’ve been working hard already and won’t ask me for anything.

I then head to the kitchen to have breakfast. Lately (over the last 6 years), it has been a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Very healthy, I know, but like Dire Strait says, Nicotine for breakfast just to put me right.

After breakfast, I get ready and do my very minimal workout that includes fighting with my team leader and howling at the moon if it’s winter…in the summer I’m barking back at all the dogs in the neighborhood.

I usually get out of the house around 7 am and head to work, which usually takes about 45 minutes… we don’t talk much in the van, it’s quiet time. We begin work at 8-9 depending on traffic and on the operation manager. He sometimes wants us to have a morning meeting with the rest of the teams where he takes our complaints and makes paper plans with them during his oh so very busy day.

When we get to work, I stay in the car for a few minutes doing my breathing exercise and mindfulness tricks to help me deal with I’m sure a great, calm and generally ‘happy to see us client’. While I’m in the car I also watch one or two YouTube videos of idiots falling all over – it makes me happy. It’s my quiet time plus it pisses off my team leader 🙂

Let the fun begin

Now, kidding aside, I love this work. Well, maybe love is taking it too far but give me an office job that just goes on and on and I will slowly but surely die inside but this work, meeting new people everyday (I love Londoners – do you know how strange you are in comparison to the rest of the country? beautiful!) Everyday new project that tends to start and end within a day or two, keeping me fit and tolerant to pain, the time passes so fast and I know you’re going to think that Gabriel made me write it but yes, seeing the clients at awe with our speed and strength give me a sense of purpose. I’m not kidding.

Job Done. Like a boss

Best part of the day really 🙂 I mean we do get the occasional client who for no reason at all, just cause we come at the end of a very emotional process (divorce move are the worst, we need to witness life built over years get split in hours, feel like we the executioner sometimes – not happy) is angry and as there is no one else to take it on… well, you get the point. But %99 of our clients are decent and more, tips are nice and proper, none of this 6 pack and a handshake or few pounds they find in their pocket nonsense though yes, ill take the beer with that 20£ bill hahaha I mean it cool, no? We just finished moving you to a million pound home (average home in London is 450K and M25 don’t mess around) with all your amazing goods – what’s 20£ to me and my team? Less than that parking ticket we saved you by talking to the parking inspector, right?

Do you want me to go on? Are you sure? Might get emotional… I mean it – could be tears 🙂

Home sweet home 

Getting home after a full day working hard is just great, shower feels so good and one of us (there is 3 of us in the flat – best friends really) make dinner, my speciality is an omelette hahaha no kidding, I make a killer tofu salad…. Hahaha, kidding again, Cosmin (logistics manager) is trying to get us all to be vegetarian ….we just smile and shake our heads like we agree, mean ol’ boss this guy. So anyway, back to our subject of making dinner, my speciality is pasta with meatballs! Boom! I bet you couldn’t guess that it’s evening now, Marco just came back with the beer (the case that the client gave us today…the guy drinks Budweiser – can you believe this??? British?? Drinking bud??? The world is going to hell after all) and the pasta is ready, the game is on and there we are, a day in the life of an M25 Mover.

BTW – I didn’t mean it when I said that I hate Gabe because I don’t.

Really, I don’t.  

Everyday a new project that tends to start and end within a day or two, keeping me fit and tolerant to pain, the time passes so fast and yes, seeing the clients at awe with our speed and strength give me a sense of purpose. I'm not kidding.


Another happy client

Half way

It's sunny today. Wow!


We are M25 Movers. Resistance is futile.


problem identify

Dealing with people in their most sensitive and stressful time. Handling all of their earthly possession with care and attention. I should have stayed in school 🙂


I get 8-12 hours to pack & load a home, drive to destination, unload and unpack and somehow get the client to smile. 


Get the right team


Plan the Day


Resistance is futile.

30 %

of moves goes into evening hours

75 %

of issues get caused by untrained movers



Fail to plan, plan to fail

First thing I do when meeting the client is a detailed plan.

No ‘I’ in team

Unless your name is Ian, of course 🙂 … we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.


Keep in control 


Be flexible 

Final Step

Few things that I bet you didn’t know about us movers;