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“The right way doesn’t have to be the hard way.” At M25 Group, our commitment to stress-free removals also means clients like you have the flexibility of a seasoned team and the certainty of a fixed price. Half/Full day rates mean there’s no stress-inducing urgency to get the job done a set time. With our fixed rates, you get a highly professional team, arriving with a fully equipped van ready for the day’s adventure. Starting from 8 am, we’ll calmly pack, load up, and when we get to your new place reverse the process. Moving is what we do. We love it, and we’re sure you will too.

How it works?

Book the Move to Your New Home

We know stress levels go through the roof when organising moving home. That’s why the team at M25 Movers is expert at stress relief. We’ve done it so many times; nothing can phase us. Our aim from arrival to saying goodbye is for clients like you to feel secure in knowing your belongings are being cared and carried in a professional manner.

You can book our first-class service online through our website, or via email, or by phone if you prefer.

You’re in Safe Hands

Our team will arrive bright and early in their van, which comes fully-equipped for your move. We’re entirely self-sufficient, right down to making our own tea. If you need any additional packing or disassembly, the team leader will gladly advise on what other services we can offer.

There’s not much we can’t do in a day.

Getting A Move On

Our residential movers like to compare themselves with a well-oiled Roman legion, working as one to get your relocation done swiftly, without any fuss, and with the minimum of hassle.

That’s why the moving team have the motto we came, we saw, and we moved it!

Home, Sweet Home

After walking through your old home to ensure nothing’s been left behind, we speedily transfer your furniture and belongings to your new place. Once offloaded, we do a final check to ensure you have everything, and make sure the paperwork is in order.

Your moving team will tick today off as another successful move, and hope they’ve earned a 5-star review!

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Rent a Storage Unit

Sometimes moving from one home to another can’t be done in a day, and that’s why your belongings may need to be stored. We have storage units to rent for all sizes of homes and offices. If you want to put all your items, or just a few into storage, we have an affordable solution.

Customized & Reserve Storage Unit

Sometimes moving from one home to another can’t be done in a day, and that’s why your belongings may need to be stored. We have storage units to rent….

Customized & Reserve Parking

If you live or work in a town, you’ll be aware that parking is always a problem. Just think of us with a big truck trying to find space outside your home or…..

Customized & Reserve your Decluttering

Moving home or office is the perfect time to declutter, and get rid of the things that have been clogging up your life. Our motto is that if you haven’t….

Customized & Reserve Your Unpacking

Even if you haven’t chosen our packing service, we can unpack your items at your new home or office. It’s a lot easier if we’ve done the original packing,….

Customized & Reserve Your Handyman

We’ve come across it time and time again when moving homes and offices. There are often lots of little jobs that need to be done to ensure the…..

Customized & Reserve Your Packing

It’s surprising how much stuff you have packed away in the nooks and crannies of your home. We know that the idea of putting it all in boxes for a move….

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