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M25 Movers is built on teamwork. Each of our expert teams has their unique style of operating – it’s something we love about them. That’s why we’ve put together this background on the guys who’re going to make your move for you. We’re happy to designate any team you choose for your move, provided they’re not already booked.


They may be the quietest team at M25 Movers, but they get the job done in double-quick time. Known for being a tight-lipped team the Bumblebees are champions and multi-tasking, and second to none in speed and reliability. When you know you want a great job done right, there are no better than the Bumblebees.

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Optimus Prime

Optimus is the moving team equivalent of the SAS. They’re our most highly skilled operatives, with the knowledge and experience to tackle any job. Moving a grand piano from the third floor – no problem! Relocating a large office at the last minute – a piece of cake! When the going gets tough Optimus Prime comes to the rescue.

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Kung Fu Pandas

Don’t let their jokey demeanour fool you. The Kung Fu Pandas are as professional as it gets. No matter the size of the job, they always arrive ready to laugh and joke their way through the day. If you’re looking for a team to put a smile on your face during your move, then look no further than the Kung Fu Pandas.

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Ruff Ryders

These are the guys who play chess in their spare time, solve Sudoku in seconds, and eat The Times crossword for breakfast. There is no move too complicated for the Ruff Ryders. They can disassemble a 19th Century hand-carved Florentine walnut bed as if it were a flat-pack from IKEA. They know furniture, and how to move it!

#RuffRyders #m25teams #teamwork

Flying Dutchman

The team is named after their van – one of the largest doing removal work in London. The Flying Dutchmen are wrapped in mystery, as they specialise in commercial moves of offices and the like. They often work strange hours, and unlike their namesake, spotting the Flying Dutchman is not a portent of doom

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Like their TV namesakes, the A-Team is known for coming up with unconventional solutions. They once built a bridge to get their van to a drop-off location. Team leader Cornelius comes from Romania, and is regarded as the team’s Mr T as he hunted his first bear aged 12 – yes that’s really true ask him!

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Super Mario

Our man of mystery. Mario works alone and has become a legend in his own lunchtime. Some say he moved a baby grand piano by himself, others say he guarded his van against wolves in dark Scotland, and they even say he saved a lady from being run down by a UPS van in Chiswick. All we know is he’s Super Mario.

#TripleX #m25teams #teamwork

Wet Bandits

The Wet Bandits duo are M25 Movers own Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They work together like a well-oiled machine and specialise in long-distance moves requiring speed and attention to detail. The two charmers have built up a reputation for being one of the best teams of fine art transporters in the business.

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When others say it can’t be done, we turn to Mad Max. He’s our logistics genius, who specialises in extra large and logistically complex moves. He’s managed moves out of flooded towns and moves with extremely short deadlines. Mad Max may be gruff on the outside, but he’s got a heart of gold and a computer-like brain. Oh, and his real name’s Sheldon!

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Nothing fazes Ironhide, M25 Movers’ operations manager. He sometimes goes by the name of Sebastian and has earned his moniker from always being helpful no matter how strange or weird the request. Highly experience Ironhide is one of the company’s Master Removers; his love of junk food fuels his robust build.

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