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How Come We Have Negative Reviews

What is it about us that pushes clients (and others) to write negative reviews? You will be happy to know we are giving this matter much thought. To be honest, it taunts us… You see, we think of ourselves as the best in the business… okay hold on, we might be onto something here.     

Do Movers Dream of Escalators?

Come on, give us some credit; it’s pretty clear that M25 Movers is not your average moving company. To us, it’s not a ‘fall on to’ type of job; it’s not something we do until a better thing comes up. We are natural-born movers, love our work, and are committed to changing how people treat moving companies and ensuring that our people are proud of who they are. 


We developed our own CRM system and invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into a Zoho-based management system. 

Our website is a legacy site with features that no other company has. Did you know that you can make your reservation and control it completely using our portal, MyM25?

Wait, what? You can make a reservation online? 

Yes, you can! No phone calls, no surveys and no hassle, and we give the same quality and price guarantees as all other services we offer.

Our vans all have unique moving tips on them 😀

The point we are trying to make is that M25 is at least 10 years ahead of anything out there in terms of our foolproof sales process, superior customer service and the art of moving people so here we go; people treat us differently; they are holding us to much higher standards, which is funny considering that we state on our site that we do not provide a ‘top’ service. 

Hold it. What? 

Yes, our service agreement proudly says that we design and rate our service as 8 out of 10. 

We find it “ambitious” and actually in fact disingenuous, that moving companies or any other service providers promise an “amazing service” or “white gloves” or (and this is my favourite)… “award-winning”. 

Is it now? Whose award? Why? When was that competition, and why didn’t we get invited? 

We have negative reviews because we: 

  • Have had the same name for 15 years now. No changes of name or domain.
  • We serve 2K clients per year. It’s a lot. The average company in London do a quarter of that.
  • We have integrity. True story- it’s part of our motto, and it is on our logo. It means that we don’t surrender to blackmail or any other provocation (even for ‘business purposes’). 
  • It also means that we check and double-check everyone who works in your home, maintain the highest insurance coverage, not bow to mediocrity, and that if we need to correct something, we will take a step back and rethink our plan. 

It means that we are real. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust companies with only five-star reviews. Not when 30% of all online reviews are fake.     

So sure, we get angry and sad when people write a 1-star review because we broke an 8-year-old Ikea shelf (just a shelf, not the whole bookcase) and ask for £400 in compensation–and say that otherwise, they will post a negative review— or clients who put all their hopes and dream on our shoulders. 

Plus we get it, we come at the end of the process when our clients are down-beat and broke, once the government took a bite and the slick estate agent (who are you again?) the council (can you please hold?) and don’t get me started with the taxman and the builders… the list goes on… 

You asked 🙂

We are natural-born movers, love our work, and are committed to changing how people treat moving companies and ensuring that our people are proud of who they are.


More five stars than any other removal company in London

Half way

Only three companies are ahead, one is a broker, another in an M&V type service and the 3rd one is out of business


We are the ‘One’


problem identify

How do we explain to clients that, actually, we never promised anything but integrity, reliability and affordability? Yes, we know we are the best, but that doesn’t make us perfect; it only makes us genuine. True Blue-collar. 

We acknowledged our imperfections and wrote ‘8’ on our banner. Not mediocrity but hard work, passion and love for our company. Our M25.

How can a company be the only one standing out and saying, “It aint gonna be comfortable, and we’re most likely gonna damage something minor” cause moving home is never comfortable, and when you move stuff, it tends to “slightly” bend and yet, be the one company from which those clients and I’m quoting here – “expect the Rolls Royce.” 


Overall, M25 must balance providing a high service level and managing customer expectations. Aiming for a consistently, reliable service that meets customers’ needs with the understanding that we are not the answer to their hopes and dreams. Let’s be honest; you can’t pay 1K to move a 3-bedroom home with packing service and expect breakfast in bed with a foot massage.   


It’s hard (but fun) being the best 

64 %

of our reviews come within 30 minutes after service is done

47 %

of our negative reviews are made by time travelers



Work with our clients. Be the best and exceed their expectations, make them like ‘wow’ so when the time is right to say our goodbyes, they will pull out that smartphone and give us a high five.  

 While we can’t confirm the existence of time travelers, half of our negative reviews seem to suggest that a small percentage of reviewers may have mastered the art of bending the space-time continuum. After all, how else do you explain a review for a move we haven’t done yet from a person we never met?

Final Step


As we reflect on our journey thus far, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the path to success is riddled with challenges, but it’s also lined with moments of triumph and discovery. With each review, positive or negative, we learn more about ourselves and our customers, and we use that knowledge to evolve and improve.

So, while the road ahead may be fraught with uncertainties, we march forward with confidence, fueled by the belief that every setback is merely a stepping stone to greater heights. With unwavering determination and a steadfast commitment to our values, we stand ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead and emerge victorious.

After all, at M25 Movers, we don’t just dream of escalators; we build them, one step at a time.

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