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You’re probably thinking of the host for an event or a rapper by the name of Eminem or Papa Doc (yes, we have watched 8 Mile and if you haven’t, why not?) but really, it’s something completely different. We dabble with words, we communicate, the need to rebut/reply fast and think on our feet, keep the crowd engaged and well-informed . . . wait a minute . . . ARE WE RAPPERS?! 🤯

Master of Ceremonies or something more?

M25 Movers is one of the many providers of comprehensive moving and logistics solutions, serving residential and commercial clients in the M25 belt. With a reputation for professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, the company is geared towards becoming a name synonymous with Home Relocation Services. We want to be who you think of when you want to move.

But I thought this was supposed to be about the MC’s?

Okay okay, here you go. While conventionally, MC is an acronym for Master of Ceremonies or Rapper, here in M25, it stands for Move Coordinators. Sounds simple enough, from the name alone. Coordinating the Move with our clients and keeping not just our client well-informed of any changes or additions, we also keep the office and our field team in the loop.

That is the M25 niche. Where else will you get this kind of customer service from other moving companies? It all starts with you, our client, looking for a company to help you out with moving your items to your new home. Our Sales team reaches out to you, surveys your home (online or onsite if you want to the friendly faces behind the screen), and gives you a quote based on the information you have provided for us. You think that it is fair and pay the deposit for your reservation, and there you go, you are now officially moving with M25! 

What’s next you say? 

Well, here is where your dedicated, dashing, daring, and disruptively handsome Move Coordinators come into play. We walk with you to answer what questions you may have, and requests that you’re looking to inform us about, and even offer you additional services we think would help you settle in faster in your new home.

Joaquin/Joshua (J&J, for jeanut butter & jelly), starts our day by reviewing our schedules for tomorrow and providing a summary to our Operations Teams about the jobs they will be assigned to and pre-assigning the teams for our Operations Manager to either send back for corrections (or hopefully) approve.

Then, it’s off to the races with inspecting what the Customer Relations has cooked up (for us hobbit-folk, that’s breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper). What do we look for here? It’s to see the scope of the job. 

  • Will parking be an issue?
  •  How far are both locations? 
  • Any Client’s Requests? 
  • Items that need special care? 
  • Your pets Godzilla and Kong are not potty trained? 
  • Any Red Flags that would be an issue for our Operations Teams? 


Here is where we spend our time making sense of how your moving day might look like.

Once that is done, we communicate with our clients who have questions, and requests, and overall keep them assured that what they have informed us is dealt with in an efficient way. Our personal record with a client is an email exchange totalling to 51 emails and we wonder who the next lucky contestant might be to break that!

You might be thinking it’s only our clients we talk to but no, all information is communicated to our office teams as well. If it’s a Sales matter, we talk with Sales. If it’s a logistical matter, we talk with Logistics. If it’s a matter of life or death, Gabriel. BTW, we haven’t gotten that far yet (and we hope we don’t get to that point – that guy is scary).

By the end of our shift, once we’re done with inspections, chatting with our clients (even applying for a parking suspension on their behalf) and communicating with our colleagues, we review once again the jobs for tomorrow and the days after that to see how our week can or will look and allocate our resources accordingly. Once the schedule is approved, we send out the summary we prepared beforehand to the assigned teams, input manually our tracking system, and ta-dah! One day is done, and another begins early in the morning.

and now . . . Dinner time! I smell something cooking!

Well, it may not be much but it’s honest work and to be the bridge between the office teams, field teams, and our clients makes the job worthwhile. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to meet all of them someday beyond the screens we’re attached to starting at 08:00 am to 06:00 pm!

While conventionally, MC is an acronym for Master of Ceremonies or Rapper, here in M25, it stands for Move Coordinators.


Customer Service that the clients were not expecting from a small business.

Half way

One of us got a shoutout on Google Reviews!


Becoming better with the Company (and keep the 5-star reviews coming in).


problem identify

The number one saying we hear from people is, “I didn’t know how much I have until I needed to move.

How about that… never heard that one before…

This, my friends, is the reason for our existence. That is why we get up in the morning. We know that it’s pretty much impossible for anyone living in “The Griend” to focus on anything long enough to get it right and this is where we come from, we want to help. We want you to greet the movers ‘Good Morning’, show them around and yes, feel free to have last breakfast at the neighbourhood local cafe (Pret also work if you have that subscription 😉), say goodbye to the neighbours, assuming they know who you are 😂 or lock yourself in your office and do your thing until the movers are done, your goods are loaded, and it’s time for one last walkthrough.


Moving home is stressful. You need us.

We can: 

  • Suspend your parking 
  • Get your mail redirection 
  • Set up your new council tax payments 
  • Arrange for clearing unwanted items 
  • Box labels 
  • Storage needs 
  • A shoulder to cry on? 
  • Order pizza? 

You have so many of those challenges keeping you busy and awake at night, and we are here anyway. None of those costs you, so why not? 


The Unsung Heroes 

300 %

increase in sudden craving for pizza on a moving day, regardless of previous dietary preferences.

80 %

of people admit to secretly hoping that their friends whom they offered to help with the move would forget about it at the last minute.



We have a company account. Just say the word, and Papa Jones will come your way. How do you take yours?  

Who needs friends? You got us! We are your personal move assistant and let me tell you, there are 6 of us in here so with all honesty, if you need something and that is related, drop us an email and it will get done. Here is a guide on everything we can help you with.   

Final Step

We are here for you, don’t underestimate the number of things that can go wrong.


The unsung heroes emerge in the whirlwind world of moving, where chaos reigns supreme and stress levels often soar to new heights. Enter the Move Coordinators of M25 Movers, the true orchestrators behind the scenes, the wizards of logistics, and the masters of customer service.

From the crack of dawn, until the sun sets, these dedicated individuals embark on a journey fraught with challenges and triumphs.

So, remember you’re not alone the next time you’re gearing up for a move. They are here, behind the screens, ready to be your move assistants, guiding you through every step of the process. For them, being Move Coordinators isn’t just about coordinating moves; it’s about being the partners who make your transition into a new chapter of your life a little bit easier.

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