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Terms of Use

Basis For & Payment Of Our Charges

1.1 Understanding Our Charges:
Our charges for some services, which don’t need a preliminary site visit, are largely determined by the materials we use and the time our crew spends on the task, including travel. This includes necessary activities like keeping the vehicle tidy and safe, refuelling, and any warehouse-related tasks. A note for weekend tasks: these can take more time and thus may cost more.

1.2 Secure Payment Details:
Your peace of mind matters to us. That’s why we don’t store any of your card details when you book with us. Instead, we’ll send you a secure link for payment, or you can simply tap on your phone to pay. Rest assured, all transactions are safe, secure, and entirely in your control – we’ve retired the old way of taking payments over the phone.

1.3 Estimates and Quotations:
If you opt for an online booking or a telephonic quote instead of a physical survey, we’ll give you an estimate based on standard practices and the info you provide. It’s important to understand this isn’t a fixed quote but a guideline. Prices and timings can vary based on actual circumstances. If the job wraps up faster, the cost might be reduced, but if it takes longer, the opposite might happen.

1.4 Custom Quotes:
Should you want a detailed breakdown, we can visit the site in advance and provide a fixed quotation. This will encompass materials, labour, vehicle, and mileage charges.

  • However, remember:
    • This quote won’t cover customs or governmental fees.
    • Situations can change. If unforeseen circumstances arise, we might have to adjust our prices. This could be due to various factors like date changes, handling above the first floor, unforeseen challenges with the site, or even external factors like parking fines.
    • Just so you’re aware, if there are delays beyond our control, we have a tiered charging system: 30 30-minute delay is free, but after that, charges apply.

1.5 Promotions:
Promotional services, like cleaning or handyman tasks, are typically scheduled on the move day or during the move week. If you have a specific date in mind outside of this, there might be an extra charge.

1.6 Our Resources:
The number of vans or crew members we quote initially is our best estimate. However, based on the real-time assessment by our logistics team on the day, this could change.

Conclusion: Alright, let’s take a moment to digest. Money matters can sometimes feel like you’re reading a foreign language, but we’ve tried to keep it straight and simple. Think of this section as the menu at your favourite restaurant – you know what you’re getting and at what price. But instead of ordering a meal, you’re getting a seamless moving experience. Remember, if anything feels unclear or you suddenly crave that off-menu service, just let us know. We’re here to serve (and occasionally delight with surprises)! 💸🚚🎈

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Disclaimer: Deposit is refundable in full in case of cancellation 7 days prior to requested service date.