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Help Center & FAQs

How do you get notifications?

These are the ways you can get notifications from M25 Group:

  • Email: Sent to the email address in your account
  • Text (SMS): Sent to the phone number in your account
  • Phone: Calls to the phone number in your account

Manage notifications

When you sign up with us, you can choose to receive promotional and policy notifications and add a phone number to get certain phone and text notifications.

We’ll send most of the other types of notifications to you automatically. To review which notifications you’re getting and make changes, go to your notification settings.

Turn off notifications

You can turn off most notifications in your notification settings. For text, push, phone and some email notifications, you can also take the following actions to turn them off:

  • Text (SMS): Reply STOP. To start receiving them again, reply START.
  • Emails: Click Unsubscribe in promotions and tips or policy and community email.
  • Push: In your mobile or tablet settings, turn off push notifications for the M25 Group app.
  • Phone: Ask the caller to remove you from receiving future calls for promotions and tips or policy and community.

To help ensure we can contact you with important information, you can’t turn off email notifications related to reservations, account activity, legal updates, security and privacy notices and customer services requests. In some circumstances, such as if we can’t reach you by email, we may need to contact you by phone or other means.

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Rent a Storage Unit

Sometimes moving from one home to another can’t be done in a day, and that’s why your belongings may need to be stored. We have storage units to rent for all sizes of homes and offices. If you want to put all your items, or just a few into storage, we have an affordable solution.

Customized & Reserve Storage Unit

Sometimes moving from one home to another can’t be done in a day, and that’s why your belongings may need to be stored. We have storage units to rent….

Customized & Reserve Parking

If you live or work in a town, you’ll be aware that parking is always a problem. Just think of us with a big truck trying to find space outside your home or…..

Customized & Reserve your Decluttering

Moving home or office is the perfect time to declutter, and get rid of the things that have been clogging up your life. Our motto is that if you haven’t….

Customized & Reserve Your Unpacking

Even if you haven’t chosen our packing service, we can unpack your items at your new home or office. It’s a lot easier if we’ve done the original packing,….

Customized & Reserve Your Handyman

We’ve come across it time and time again when moving homes and offices. There are often lots of little jobs that need to be done to ensure the…..

Customized & Reserve Your Packing

It’s surprising how much stuff you have packed away in the nooks and crannies of your home. We know that the idea of putting it all in boxes for a move….

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Disclaimer: Deposit is refundable in full in case of cancellation 7 days prior to requested service date.