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Our company home for the last nine years, Brent is a true up and coming borough, I mean, wow! Do you even remember how it looked a few years ago? 

M25 Movers know every corner, every side street as for the last nine years we probably worked in each one of them, from the bustling businesses in park royal to the wonders of Harlesden.  

Take a look below are our fantastic tools, or removal services in Brent and 42 reasons why we deserve your business. Not that you need any of them.

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Why Us You Asking? We got at least 42 reasons

We local

As our name suggests, the M25 is our playground and where we live and work.

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Our reviews don't come from Russia or India; they are local. What better than a local company reviewed by your neighbours. Yes, even the bad one.

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Local charities

M25 Group gives 1% of its gross revenue back to the community. Click here to see if yours is one of them.

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Green company

As a removals company, we had to consider, realistically, what we could do to make a slight difference in protecting our planet and reducing our waste and carbon footprint.

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Full-time employees

Imagine letting people into your home with no name, address or consequences. Scary, uh? With M25, you don't need to; all of our team members are one family.

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MyM25 Portal helps you get better, more responsive, more transparent, and higher quality service - all while saving you time.

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All in one company

No one stays in London forever, But as long as you are here, we might as well move together Better now than never, business before pleasure, M25 Movers and the group, who you know do it better?

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Automated Reservation System

The idea is to take something so complex as home services and make it straightforward as possible. Go ahead and try it; you'll see what we are talking about.

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Better Rates

Our online rates are always 5-10% cheaper than our standard over the phone rates. Test it.

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Money-back on every reservation

For every reservation you make online, you will get 15£ credit for your next service. The balance will be available to view and use on your MyM25.

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24/7 support

Hours of operation? Wait on a return call? 14 business days? Ok Boomer. With us, you can get answers to every possible question within seconds.

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Free Date change

What other company let you control your service date after reservation? You're right - no one. We do.

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Finance your Service

Being London’s premier moving company also means stability and commitment towards our clients. With M25, you can now split your service payment interest-free.

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Free Upgrades

When you reserve your service online, you are entitled to any of our 25 promotions. Just log in to your MyM25 and apply any of them to your service.

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Community Forum

Questions, answers and just neighbours with similar experience.

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Automated Parking Service

Wait, what?
Yes. We good like that. Free for online reservations.

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Control every aspect of your service

We love our clients, but you know how life is… busy busy busy, so we built a portal that will simply allow you to control every aspect of your service with ease.

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Track your Team/van

Uncertainties are just lousy customer service, so to minimise them, you will know the location of the van/team starting 1-hour before service start time.

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Order supply online

Children's used all of the bubble wraps? Have more books than you thought? Not an issue. Fill up the order form, and they will be there in 36 hours or less.

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Years in Business

M25 started at 09 and stayed open 364 days a year. Among the top 6 people who run it, they have 87 years worth of experience.

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Owner Operators

When employees have shares in the company - the clients win.

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Best Claim rate in the industry

3%. This is our claim rate compared to 17% in the industry.

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Automated claim process

Just in case. No phone calls or waiting on emails, quick turnaround, and immediate results.

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100% Carbon Offsetting

M25 works with various organisations (8billiontrees, earthly and to promote green projects and a green way of living and offset our carbon footprint.

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We moved the Queen

Well, her carriage driver, but still.

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