The secret to a stress-free and easy move

Stress-free moving? That’s not possible, is it? Ok, no, it’s probably not, and if it were, you’d have nothing to moan about, would you? So we wouldn’t want to take away that traditional British pastime completely.

So, although you can’t totally avoid stress, the easiest way to avoid pulling your hair out come moving day (if you have any left after your last move) is to plan in advance and get organised to avoid any unpleasant surprises that can send even the calmest of us over the edge.

The team at M25 have been handling removals for the good people of London for over 25 years. We’ve met all kinds, from the disorganised frazzled, dribbling messes who are nowhere near ready to move when we arrive to Mr cool as a cucumber who has everything organised and laid out like a military operation and every Tom, Dick and Mohammed in between.

So we thought we would take a moment inbetween removals to share our wisdom (you are welcome) to help every home mover plan for an easy(ish) move.

Four ways to guarantee an easy move

1. Choose a good removal company early 

Seriously, we are not just saying this because we are a removal company (honest). Choosing and booking a reputable removal company as soon as you know when you are moving is vital to ensure an easy move. We get booked up early, like the best Christmas shopping slots and leaving it until the last minute will leave you with slim pickings of availability and choice and let’s face it, noone likes the last turkey on the shelf. Planning who you will use to handle your move early gives you more time to research and make a good choice.

Most people choose to move over the weekend, bank, or school holidays to give themselves a few days to settle in if this sounds like you, (yes you), book early to avoid disappointment.

2. Declutter early

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but that prom dress from 1998 hanging in your wardrobe that’s three sizes too small will never get worn again; sorry to disappoint. We are all a little bit sentimental sometimes, but there is no need to hang on to everything you’ve ever owned, just in case. 

Too many people pack junk they don’t use and clothes that do not fit and move them from one house to another without giving it a second thought. Instead, use moving as a chance to have a good declutter and lighten your packing load, instantly increasing your chances of an easy move. Then, recycle, sell, or throw away the stuff you don’t use.

3. Start packing early

Packing is so much fun! Said no one ever! It’s boring, tedious and definitely the devil’s work. But seriously, planning how and what you pack early means you can be more organised and methodical in your approach as opposed to what we’ve all done at least once and shoving everything in boxes 24 hours before moving whilst crying or cursing.

If you’ve taken our advice above and decluttered, start by packing items in the rooms you use the least. Then label and number the boxes – to ensure an easy move at the other end when unpacking.

Don’t want to do the devil’s work alone? Then, let us take care of that!

4. Pack a moving day survival kit

Moving is exciting, we get it, but it can also be exhausting. By the time you’ve got the keys, had all your stuff moved and, built the beds, told the kids to stop trying to kill each other for the 100th time, you may be too spent to do anything more than order a takeaway and lay down. So packing a survival kit for moving day can be a lifesaver in those situations if you want an easy move.

Include things you want to get your hands on first, like tea, coffee, mugs and chocolate biscuits. If you are not in the mood for unpacking boxes, it can be helpful to have one suitcase with an outfit change and PJs for the whole family.

M25 = An easy move guaranteed

If you follow our expert and ever-helpful advice above, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing an easy move day. Planning and organising are essential to avoiding a moving day meltdown.

Want to make things even easier? Hire the M25 team of super movers to take care of all your packing and removal needs, and be safe in the knowledge the hard work is being handled by the best removal team London has to offer. 

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